Omnichannel experiences for brands, services and products

Rita Barracha da Silva · Creative Strategist & Experience Designer

Future isn't doomed, though still scary.

The impact of new media, technologies and information systems brought new ways of dealing with design, aesthetics and multi-sensorial experiences. More than scrolling and clicking, our future aspires to be more and more intangible, made of ubiquitous interactive and reactive environments — immersive spaces that affect human perception. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Realities are already allowing hyper performances, so if our brains are already overwhelmed with such fast development, soon our bodies and souls will unconsciously command the next world's most complex matrixes. Every heart beat will be tracked, as well as our thoughts, our moves, our sighs... and probably our farts!

But life can feel easier and delightful...
and I'm keen on supporting that.

My motivation to understand new media and technologies is driven by its constant quest to overcome itself, how it reflects and engages with several different areas (from sciences to art), and how it, most importantly, changes people's life. Crossing the boundaries of a creative designer I keep studying humans' life experience, emotional intelligence, behavioural patterns and new interactions. Freestyle thinking supports me achieving faster, creative and smarter solutions for products, services, and experiences in this world where designing for screens is no longer enough.

Cross-disciplinar, the creatives of tomorrow will design more than physical interfaces.

It's a vicious circle: the technological breakthrough allows the creatives and engineers to develop improved answers for human needs, while at the same time, the more they push it, the more it generates "new" human problems. Will there ever be a limit?